The difference between Red Brass and Yellow Brass ?
The difference between red and yellow brass is the % of copper. Red Brass is rich in copper. Both materials have their benefits. Red Brass has a softer, warmer look. They both polish beautifully. Any one who has served in the military knows about polishing brass. It is a rewarding labour and the results are most satisfying.. Centuries ago  Copper was was highly prized for it’s many qualities. It was polished and used to create mirrors.

WARNING not all Sun Dials Advertised are suitable for use in Australia. Make sure they are calibrated for the Southern Hemisphere. Glenview Products only sell sun dials that are suitable for the Southern Hemisphere.
QUALITY     The craftsmen responsible for creating this Polished Red Brass Equatorial Sundial have excelled themselves.  They have made it balanced and elegant. It provides an accurate measuring of the sun’s daily journey across the skies.

The size : The Polished Red Brass Equatorial Sun Dial is a very popular one: It stands 49 cm tall. The Diameter is 45cm. The arrow is 61cm long. The circular base is 13 cm in diameter.   It is bold in size and presence yet has a quality of understatement.

Freight: The Polished Red Brass Equatorial Sun Dial price includes GST. Unfortunately Postage is not. Use AustPost calculator to establish the freight cost.

An Equatorial Sundial time Plate is Parallel to the plane of the Earth’s Equator. The Sun moves through 360 degrees in 24 hours. The division spacings  are15 degrees apart. Adjustment is by simply tilting the dial plate to the appropriate angle. Ensuring that the gnomon is pointing to the celestial pole.

Glenview Products only sells Sun Dials that are suitable for the Southern Hemisphere.