//Plain Latin Polished Sundial

Plain Latin Polished Sundial

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Plain Latin Polished Sundial. Easy to read Roman Numerals. Ready to receive the shadow of the Gnomon that will indicate the time of day.This fulfils one of the purposes of this simply designed yet elegantly presented polished brass sundial

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Plain Latin Polished Sundial The clean lines of simplicity are key to the atractiveness of this Octagonal polished brass sun dial. It measures21cm (81/4″)across or if you measure the diagonals they are 22.5cm (9″). The shadow indicator is a bird supporting the bar on it’s wings. It is cast brass, it is plain, it is simple and very attractive. Enter your post code and the Austpost charge calculator will work out exact postage (no extras added). All prices include GST.

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Weight4 kg
Dimensions26 × 26 × 3.5 cm


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