Pirate Ship Weathervane Polished Copper

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Hi Robert,

Glad you liked the photos, you are welcome to use all or any one of them as you wish.

Thank you for the compliment on the mounting of the pirate ship.

Kind regards,

Graham & Janine

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Pirate Ship Polished Copper

The proportions are : Height from top of mast to keel bottom is : 52cm.

overall length : 51cm and the width across the deck is : 10cm. The cast brass directionals are : 46cm and the overall height including the solid steel shaft is : 126cm.

All in all it is a very attractive Weathervane beautifully proportioned and real in appearance

Weathervane Attaching Bracket is the best choice for attaching your weathervane to the ridge line of a metal roof. It can be used to attach to a flat surface. All of the necessary bolts and screws are provided. And all of the needed holes have been pre drilled so that installation will be simple and effective.

Adjustable Bracket - Pirate Ship Weathervane Polished Copper

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Weight 4.67 kg
Dimensions 61 × 13 × 56 cm
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