Duck Weathervane. The polish and attention to detail ensure that this Duck (known also as a Pintailed duck) is presented in the best manner possible. It’s peaceful demeanor belies the hard work it will performstead fastly facing into the wind on the coldest days so that you will know where that beastly breeze is coming from.It’s generous measurements are 63.5cm (25″) long with a height of 36.5cm (14 1/4″)High and a width of 6 cm (2 3/8″). 25″L x 14.5″H. The overall height from base to top of ducks head is  1105mm. Suitable for a one or two story building.

Weathervane Attaching Bracket is the best choice for attaching your weathervane to the ridge line of a metal roof. It can be used to attach to a flat surface. All of the necessary bolts and screws are provided. And all of the needed holes have been pre drilled so that installation will be simple and effective.

Adjustable Bracket - Pintail Drake Weathervane Polished