Octagonal Polished Brass Sundial

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Octagonal Polished Brass Sundial. Easy to read Roman Numerals. Ready to receive the shadow of the Gnomon that will indicate the time of day.This fulfils one of the purposes of this simply designed yet elegantly presented polished brass sundial

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Octagonal Polished Brass Sundial. The highly polished surface of this sundial is plain, it is simple and therefore it is easy to read.  It ticks all the boxes that make it appealing and attractive. Its’ shape is not round  like most sundials. Not being round sets it apart. The Octagonal Polished Brass Sundial is subtle and understated.  Being a medium sized sundial. Its Measurements are : 21cm (81/4″) across and 22.5cm (9″) across the diagonal points. Its design is tasteful and uncomplicated, not bold.

The shadow indicator is in the form of a bird supporting the bar on its wings. The correct name for the shadow indicator is gnomon (pronounced now.mon).

There is a reason quality garden objects like the octagonal polished brass sundial are cast in brass. The main advantage of Brass is that it does not rust. Another, is its timeless and endearing quality that is appealing.

A sundial has a gnomon and a dial plate. Embellishments adorn the dial plate. They consist of polished letters, numerals and other raised features

The Romans were the first people to seperate the day into two 12 hour periods a sundial cannot tell the time at night when the sun is not shining. nor can it tell the time when the sun is hidden behind the clouds. Naturally the Romans used Roman numerals to indicate hourly segments of time the numerals show the time as the shadow of the sun falls upon them.

The sundial motto is a quotation. This Quotation can reflect the sundial owners sentiments. Here stated “Tempus Fugit” which is Latin for Time Flies or in other words, alerting us that time is on the wing. Subsequently, today is tomorrows yesterday.

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Dimensions 26 × 26 × 3.5 cm
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