Mare and Foal Weathervane

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Mare and Foal Weathervane conveys that special liveliness of the foal with the serenity and calmness of the Mare as they share the spring sunshine.



Mare and Foal Weathervane. This weathervane captures the delightful antics of a mother and her offspring. The essence of spring and new life captured and displayed for all to enjoy.

Important !!! This weathervane is constructed of Stainless Steel and being made in Australian it’s longevity is guaranteed.. It comes with a built in ball bearing that ensures the slightest breeze to cause movement. This mare and her foal will faithfully face into the wind no matter which direction it comes from (as every working weathervane does).



The height of the Mare is 255 and the foal is180mm. Together they measure 514mm across. The Arrow is 695mm. The directionals length is 295mm.


There are different attaching fittings available for the Mare and Foal Weathervane. For tiled roofs you will need to purchase the Stainless Steel Gable Bracket. This bracket has a longer shaft to allow fixing to the face of the Gable. The Gable Bracket can also be used to fix to walls or posts. See pictures below.
Which Bracket to use ?

Which one ?

The Stainless Steel Gable Bracket is the one for attaching the weathervane to the face of the Gable. Also it can be used on either tile and metal roofs however as the shaft extends down the face of the Gable, the shaft must be longer than a shaft used on the top of the roof..

The Stainless Steel Mounting Plate is supplied as a flat plate, it has laser cut slots that allow the plate to be bent to the exact pitch of the roof.  Therefore, this is the one used on the ridge line of metal roofs. Similarly, it is adaptable to flat surfaces.

Purchasing the suitable bracket ensures that installation simple and achievable.

Ridge Bracket XX6 - Mare and Foal Weathervane

Stainless Steel Mounting Plate

Gable Bracket XXX10 - Mare and Foal Weathervane


Additional information

Weight 4.5 kg
Dimensions 75 × 6 × 49 cm
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