Majestic Antiqued Brass Sundial

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Majestic Antiqued Brass Sundial is a working garden ornament. Able to tell the time from the shadow cast by the Gnomon as the sun passes overhead. It will add beauty and interest where ever it is placed

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 Majestic Antiqued Brass Sundial

The Majestic Antiqued Sundial measures 31cm (over 12 inches) diameter. Big in size. Bold in design and beautiful in appearance. The four quadrants cast into the surface and show the compass points and the raised latin numerals show the time. Each one clear and distinct. The  slightly domed body gives a pleasing dimensional effect. The Gnomon is the stationary arm that cast a shadow across the numerals indicating the time of day.

This sundial is much larger than most sundials. Usually sundials are about 20cm to 23cm this one has a diameter of 31cm. Being cast in brass it weighs almost 3 kilograms.

How deep is the meaning? how true are the words? “I am silent without the sun”. What a testimonial?

The Antiqued Brass Sundial looks good mounted on a Pedestal or a Plinth. A good method is to use Liquid Nails. No mess, no fuss.
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I am Silent Verdie 4 300x225 - Majestic Antiqued Brass Sundial

Majestic Antiqued Brass Sundial

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Weight2.77 kg
Dimensions32 × 32 × 3 cm
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