Armillary Globe, Nickel Plated.

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SKU: Armillary Globe, Nickel plated.


.,Armillary Globe Nickel Plated.  The Nickel Plated finish enhances it’s presentation. the workmanship is amazing.

It is very attractive and eye catching. This Armillary Globe should  displayed prominently.  The celestial symbols and figures engraved on the rings claim your attention. 

Armillary Globe, Nickel Plated

It has  a 2” centre globe (representing the Earth or the Sun). The supporting base is 9″ dia. (making it sturdy, solid and balanced). The rings are 14″in  diameter (for the Latitude and Longitude pathways).The height from base to top of rings is 21.5″

The pedestal shown is for display purposes only.

Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 44 x 44 x 59 cm


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