Large Rooster Weathervane Polished

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Hi Robert,
As I promised, I have attached a couple of photos of the Rooster Weathervane that you made for my husband for Xmas. He was very surprised and absolutely loved it. We decided not to put it right ontop of our house but on top of the back garage so that we could see it and enjoy it everyday. Thank you once again for doing such a wonderful job. Hope that you and your family had a good xmas.


Jill Walters

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Large Rooster Polished.                      Currently out of stock

This Rooster Weathervane is identical in size and detail to the previous one shown. However, where as the other was pre aged; this polished replica really reflects the richness of his bodywork as he “struts his stuff” for all to see. Now he obviously will not remain in this fine and dandy condition forever, but right now he is magnificent. Eventually he will age with his surroundings. This particular design is the most popular of all time. It just does not, go out of fashion.

 The width of the Rooster is 25″ – 635mm wide, from chest to tail tip.the overall height from the top of his cone to the bottom of the solid steel shaft is 51″ – 127.5cm.
The Rooster stands 18.5″ – 47cm tall above the arrow.
The measurement from the top his cone to the arrow is 21″ – 535mm.
the length of the directionals is 18″ – 460mm.
The Arrow is 23.5″ – 60cm Long.
The spheres are 4″ -10cm and 2″ -5cm in diameter.

For further information read through the Large Rooster Antiqued profile.

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