Large Brass Sun Dial

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Large Brass Sun Dial. Ancient design on a round brass base. It has been pre aged and highlighted to project the detail.

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Large Brass Sun Dial.

To begin with the size of this sundial is larger than most.  Size is often a very important consideration.

LARGE Brass Sun Dial, measures 26.5cm (10 3/8 inches) Diameter. The Base and shadow indicator (gnomon) are solid cast brass. The detail is prominent and highlighted. The shadow indicator (gnomon) extends above the base 10 cm in the form of a Bird carrying a shaft on it’ wings. The shaft is 15 cm long.

The inscription reads “Grow Old along with me the best is yet to be”. The surface, antiqued (pre aged). Enables easy reading of the inscription and the calibrations.

This Sun Dial would be a talking point in any garden
Large Brass Sun Dial. It has been pre aged and highlighted to project the detail. The calibrations are easy to read and understand.  Set on a plinth or pedestal will display it to it’ best advantage. This large brass sun dial is not only a feature, when discovered it can bring much pleasure. Often bold placement is required. Location may be a central one to achieve maximum exposure.

Brass letters cast into the base project the delightful words


A timeless message / promise / challenge / or plea, to some one you love and who you hope loves you. Horizontal Sun Dials are one of those objects that never go out of fashion. They are a historical message of the adventure of tie measurement.

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