Large Brass Finish Sun Dial

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LARGE Brass Finish Sun Dial

This sundial is larger than most and sometimes size is an important consideration.


                                                                      Crafted from rust-free recycled aluminium, carefully finished  to withstand any climate. Measures 26.5CM (10 3/8 inches) diameter. The Base and shadow indicator (gnomon) are non rusting aluminium. The detail is prominent and highlighted. The shadow indicator (gnomon) extends above the base 10 cm. It is in the form of a bird carrying  a shaft on it’s wings and it’s head. The shaft is 15 cm long.

THE INSCRIPTION READS “GROW OLD ALONG WITH ME THE BEST IS YET TO BE”. The antiqued brass finish is of weather resistant paints.  Suitable in any climate.  The inscription and calibrations are heavily embossed.

The Large Brass Finish Sun Dial will be an attractive and noticeable addition to your garden.
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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 28 x 28 x 3.5 cm