House Numbers Old Style

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House Numbers Old Style. Think of the Brady Bunch and how things used to be when life was more at ease and you could take time to read the numbers proudly displayed. Whether it was six or sixty, Two or Ninety Nine it was distinctive.

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House Numbers Old Style

Your House is your castle. Whether you have a dozen houses or you only have one, it should be numbered.   Did you know is the law?

House numbering schemes are used to help in administrative tasks. For instance, using house numbers enable mail, to be delivered efficiently. So, instead of signs, the houses are now distinguishable by numbers. These house numbers old style come “from under the bench”.  Robert cast them n aluminium fifty years ago.  When Robert “migrated” from Melbourne to Sydney he brought the numbers he had been making with him. Stored them out of the way, for another day and forgot about them. When he rediscovered them he was going to melt them down a sell the aluminium ingots. Then he thought “hey I made the patterns for these, cut them out by hand and moulded them. It is a pity to destroy  them and lose them for ever”.
These House Numbers Old Style are solid non rusting aluminium. therefore they will virtually last for ever. But it is more than just being long lasting. These numbers written in script convey that the person that put me here is discerning and thoughtful. Anyone can chalk a number upon the wall. However, this person has style and wants to stand out from the rest and mark their mark. One way they can do it simply by using a signature old style number.
House Numbers Old Style are available until sold out. When they are gone I will not be making them again. Listed below are the ones still available. There is only one left of some :
1.   2.   3.   4.   5.   6.   7.   8.   9.   10.   11.   12.   13.   15.   16.    20.   30.   50.   60.   80.   90.    Phone Robert To check if still available. 0411 732 950.

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