Hourglass Sundial Antiqued

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Hourglass Sundial Antiqued. The latin theme is extended through the use of Roman Numerals and the  Latin inscription which when translated is “Time Flies”.

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The Hourglass Sundial Antiqued.  Embellished with the Latin inscription “TEMPUS FUGIT”.  This means “Time Flees” or in the modern vernacular “Time Flies” This theme, illustrated by the Hour Glass equipped with wings.

This solid brass Sun Dial has a round base with a generous  diameter of 23cm. Some of the smaller sundials are only 18cm. The Roman Numerals indicate the hourly time divisions. They are in heavy relief. there by making them clear and distinct.


People today take, “knowing what the time is” for granted. Until  early 1800s, sundials were  man’s main way of keeping track of time. Sundials today, still perform that time measuring function. For the most part sundials are used more as decorative, ornamental items of interest .

The Antiqued Hourglass Sundial has been especially treated. Consequently, it has that sought after aged and established look. For clarity and ease of reading the numerals and calibrations have had their details highlighted. Brass is the best metal for sundials. Fore example, not only is brass appealing to the eye. but in brief, another big advantage is, it definitely will not rust. Sundials really do look better when they  are displayed on a plinth or pedestal. These pedestals and plinths can be made of cement, sandstone, concrete or metal. Commercially acquired or homemade. They usually remain fixed in place for a very long time. Therefore, making the correct choice of your sundial is most important.

Hourglass Sundial Antiqued consist of two separately packed pieces. A base and a Gnomon (Shadow indicator). Assembly of these two items is simple and straight forward. Brass Screws are provided to connect them together (make sure that you make them tight).

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