Horse Weathervane Polished

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Dear Robert,
My horse arrived yesterday and I am very happy with it. Can’t wait until I have it put up on my roof. I also found a handyman to build me a window box. He has said he will put up my weather vane when he comes to install it in a couple of weeks. I will send you a picture when all is done.
Best wishes,
Eva Innes

Dear Robert,

I hope you enjoy the photograph of my beautiful horse. It is the talk of my neighbourhood. Thank you once again. It is wonderful to finally be able to buy something you just want -not need.

Best wishes,
Eva Innes

SKU: GP-149P.


Beautiful Copper Horse in full gallop mounted on a solid 3/4″ steel shaft. Cast brass directionals (NSEW) and copper spacing spheres complete the old world charm of this functional weather vane. It has the appearance of going across the paddock as the slightest breeze moves it about. The generous proportion adds to the presentation. The horse is 750mm (30.5″) long from nose to tail tip and is 350mm high (17.5″). The overall height of the weather vane is 1130mm. It will not only provide you with the direction of the wind but much pleasure on the way.

Additional information

Weight 4.84 kg
Dimensions 80 x 11 x 42 cm
Cast Iron Adjustable Brackets
Gable Bracket
Weathervane Accessories

No Mounting Bracket


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