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Equatorial Domed Sundial. The elegance and uniqueness these objects bring to a garden setting sets them apart. If you want to make a statement positioning this sundial will do that for you.

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Equatorial Domed Sundial in yellow brass.. It makes a real statement. The polish and detail are exceptional. The craftsmen have created a practical working object of classical beauty. It is an exceptional  object to display in your garden. The result will create interest and conversation. Be ready for questions and compliments. On a sunny day the sun will cause a shadow to indicate the time. The Sydney latitude is 36.8688. The latitude for Melbourne is 37.8136. To discover location Latitudes go to “Doctor Google”.

Equatorial Domed Sundial . Cast Brass, is solid and permanent.        


The Equatorial Domed Sundial. It stands 40 cm high and the round base is 16 cm in diameter.  The arrow is 57.5 cm in length. The sun dial body is 36 cm in diameter..


The Equatorial Domed Sundial price includes GST. Unfortunately Postage is not. Use AustPost calculator to establish the freight cost.

The Dial Plate of an Equatorial Sundial is Parallel to the plane of the Earth’s Equator. As the Sun moves through 360 degrees in 24 hours. The division spacings are at 15 degree intervals. Adjustment ie made by tilting the dial plate to the appropriate angle of latitude. The arrow must be pointing towards the celestial pole when this adjustment is made..

Equatorial  Sundials are in use both in the Northern Hemisphere and the the Southern Hemisphere. The correct numerical layout Australia is pictured below. The Northern Hemisphere numerical layout differs from the numerical layout of the Southern Hemisphere. . Glenview Products only provides Sundials with the Southern Hemisphere settings. Make sure your sundial will work in your location.

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numerical layout for Southern Hemisphere

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