Pintail Drake Weathervane Antiqued 25″Lx14.5″H This duck has a long- neck and long narrow middle tail feathers. Sometimes referred to as a surfboard with a pointed tail. This attractive figure is made from two copper halves joined together to give the impression of body depth. It sits astride a brass plinth and is spaced above the cast brass directionals (north, south, east and west) there are two traditional copper spheres giving the Weather vane balance and authenticity. All of this is completed by being mounted on a 3/4″ solid steel supporting shaft. This is a proper “working” wind directional indicator device, otherwise known as a weather vane.

Weathervane Attaching Bracket is the best choice for attaching your weathervane to the ridge line of a metal roof. It can be used to attach to a flat surface. All of the necessary bolts and screws are provided. And all of the needed holes have been pre drilled so that installation will be simple and effective.

Adjustable Bracket - Pintail Drake Weathervane Antiqued