Commercial Windsocks

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Commercial Windsocks that meet the aviation standards. 8 foot and 12 foot yellow and white windsocks. 4 and 6 foot (windsocks)this size are more correctly called wind indicators. They are for road works, blasting, occupational health and safety and search and rescue operations.                      Contact Robert for correct postage charges when ordering multiple numbers of windsocks.


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Commercial Windsocks  come in four length sizes : 4 Foot.    6 Foot.    8 Foot and 12 Foot.

Commercial Windsocks

Designed to  continually perform in a predictable manner. The size of the opening that catches the wind is quite important. The  length of the windsock and the size of the exit diameter at the end of the windsock are important.

Ordering Windsocks

Ordering Commercial Windsocks you need to know two measurements,   1.  The length of the windsock   2.  The diameter of the opening of the windsock.The opening diameter of the 4 Foot wind sock is 14 inches. The opening of the 6 Foot windsock is 18 inches.

The correct term for the 4 Foot and 6 Foot sizes is a Wind Indicator. The purpose of a Wind Indicator is to indicate the direction of the wind. To indicate if there is any wind. They are a requirement on sites where there could be a danger from escaping gases or fumes. It is essential for Fire and Rescue Personnel to be able to quickly establish areas of danger and safety. Windsocks can indicate the direction Fire or Escaping Hazardous Fumes from Chemicals may take.

4 Foot Windsocks Material : 

200 Denier Nylon and Hi Visibility Polyester proven to be more resistant to the Ultra Violet effects from the Sun.

6 Foot Windsocks  Material :

200 Denier Nylon and Hi Visibility Polyester proven to be more resistant to the Ultra Violet effects from the Sun.

Windsock Colours and where they are used.

4 Foot Wind-Indicators are available in six colours.                6 Foot Wind indicators are available in White, Yellow, Orange and Pink

White – Highly stable chemical and UV resistant. White is a very visible colour and has the least problem with fade.

Yellow –The colour yellow is highly stable and chemical and UV resistant. It is a highly visibility colour and can be clearly seen from a distance.  Yellow is easier to see against a white clouds and is very noticeable looking from the ground

Orange – Used in Snow areas and sometimes on Road Construction Sites.

Pink – Used on Grassland and Forest Areas. Where White or Yellow blossoms are present it would make a Yellow or white Windsock hard to distinguish from above.

Red – Is a Signal for Danger.Red Windsocks are used on Firing Ranges and Mine Sites. The colour red signifies Danger

Dark Green – Highly stable chemical and UV resistant. Orchardists do not need the windsocks to be highly noticeable Only short range visibility is required..


Warning :

The colours Orange, Pink and Red are difficult colours to stabilise. The ultra violet rays from the Sun quickly causes fading.

8 Foot and 12 Foot Commercial Windsocks

Eight and Twelve foot length Commercial Windsocks are available in White or Yellow. 


The 8 and 12 foot windsocks are calibrated for Aviation, fitted with Brass eyelets and heavy duty cable ties to attach to a 2 ft. diameter frame (for the 8 foot windsock) or a 3 ft. diameter frame (for the 12 foot version).

Standard Duty Commercial Windsocks ..  They are active even in light wind conditions.

12 Foot Windsocks are in standard use at Airports,  Licensed Airstrips and Council Airstrips. The “Primary” windsock should be White and all others Yellow in colour.

It is quite possible that there are several “Primary” windsocks at an airport, (one for each runway). Often there is one near the end of each runway.

Colour choice.

It is usually the colour that stands out the best.  Looking skyward Yellow stands out better against white clouds.

Both colours illuminate well with the 12 volt lighting option, as the materials used have good fibre optic qualities. 

Support Frames for 8 and 12 Foot Windsocks. 

Made of   304.   316.   320 and 4000 grade stainless steel. The 8 foot windsock frame has a 24 inch (660mm) diameter rim. The frame for the 12 foot windsock has a 36inch (900mm) diameter rim.

The sealed ball bearings used top and bottom, will never require any lubrication or attention. The top bearing has  a press fit seal cap. This  protects the top bearing.

The Base Plate of the frame is 10mm plate, with studs at 50mm and 80mm spacing. Stainless  Steel washers and nylon nuts come complete with  the “Base Welding Adapter”.

The Frame is Stainless Steel (which will not weld to ferrous metals). The “Base Welding Adapter” is essential if the intention is to attach the frame to a metal pole end.

“The Base Welding Adapter” predrilled matches the frame stud pattern and base. Made of Malleable Low Carbon Ferrous Metal it allows  welding, using gas or electric arc methods.

The support frames carry a 25 year replacement warranty.

Available Made Order. Frames made from 316 grade stainless steel, for Off-Shore Oil Rigs and/0r other highly corrosive environments.


Windsock Illumination

 for the 8 and12 foot windsocks, this operates from any 12 volt power supply, motorcycle or automotive battery, simply using battery clips or plug in standard automotive cigarette lighter (no longer available).

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