Be True Antiqued Sun dial

$140.00 inc GST

Be True Antiqued Sun dial is attractive , easy to read and loaded with the necessary conversion tables  enabling it to tell the time no matter whether daylight saving or real (eastern standard time is operating.

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Be True Antiqued Sun dial. As it cast in solid brass  it will not wear out. It has an inscription “Some tell of storms and showers I tell of sunny hours”. The Southern Cross on the face of the dial indicates it is suitable for use in the Southern Hemisphere. This is important.

A generous 230mm diameter  makes it well sized as a horizontal sundial. The gnomon or shadow indicator is 16cm long. The Gnomon’s purpose is to cast a shadow upon the numerals.

The shadow cast indicates the time of day. All the letters, numbers and the inscription on the face of the dial have been raised and highlighted. As a result the details are very easy to read.

Be True Antiqued Sun dial  and the No 1 Classic Sun Dial are almost identical except for their inscriptions.

Fixing the sundial to a sandstone pedestal or plinth. Liquid Nails is a suitable adhesive.  Liquid nails are readily available form a Hardware store or Bunnings.

The packed weight is approx. 1.3 kg.

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Additional information

Weight 1.40 kg
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 4 cm
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