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types of Windsock Lighting

Windsock Material For 8 & 10 Foot

Windsock Material for 8 and 12 Foot Windsocks. Made of compressed nylon, the windsock has the smooth side on the outside. When it gos through the rollers, it has the appearance of woven material, but it is continuous two sheets of compressed nylon. There are absolutely no gaps in the suface of the material. It […]

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Windsock Sizes

Windsock Specifications 8 & 12 Foot

These are available in white, or yellow, and are also available in a choice of standard weight or heavy duty versions. the heavy duty version being for places of extreme wind, cyclone prone, or tropical areas. The 8 & 12 foot windsocks are calibrated for Aviation use, fitted with an internal hoop and four large […]

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Yellow Windsock

Windsock Colours

Windsock Colours. Standard and Special Purpose. Standard Colours for Aviation Purposes are White and Yellow. The Primary windsock at an airport is white. The secondary windsocks are yellow. They are by regulation 8 foot or 12 foot long. Special Purpose Windsocks (more correctly called Wind indicators)  They are usually 4 foot or 6 foot long and fall […]

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Wyoming Windsock

Wyoming Windsock

Wyoming windsocks are made of different materials to the ones used in Australia. I guess the picture tells the story.

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